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Ask Win

Oct 27, 2016

Eddie Lazzari

Is a Combat Veteran and Non-Commissioned Officer having served 10-Years Active Duty in the United States Army.

In his 10-years he served with the 4th Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division (Korea), and finishing out his career with the 1st Calvary Division where he served in Baghdad Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II from 2004-2005.

Eddie is a husband of 20 years, and father of two amazing children, giving him purpose and meaning in all his endeavors!

After separation from the Military, Eddie perused many different career paths including owning his own Landscaping Business, Corrections Officer, Defense Contracting Manufacturing Supervisor, Supply Chain and Logistics, and Procurement.

Eddie holds an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University with a concentration in Project Management. He is the Founder and host of Change Your POV Blog and Podcast